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Enseignantes d'anglais

Studies show that the capacity for a young brain to take in languages is so great that it can learn several languages simultaneously. When second languages are learned early, between the ages of 3 and 7, this activates the prefrontal lobe of the brain, which is the lobe used for the learning of the mother tongue. This enables the brain to capture authentic phonemic sounds and create distinct syntactic networks for each of the languages, simultaneously. Between the ages of 8 and 10, children start losing their capability to learn a new language fully and the situation progressively deteriorates so that by age 17, the
capability to learn a new language fully is down to 15%. Studies further show that it is not so much how many years one uses a language that determines the degree of acquisition of that language but rather the age at which one starts learning it. Programme de formation de l'école québécoise, English as a second language

Kim Keays
Ms. Keays

Education is a continuous process. Its aim is to develop capacities of students by making them responsible, resourceful and contributing members of society. To do that, education encompasses both the teaching and learning of pro-social values and technical competency. 

Education is a place where students from diverse backgrounds learn about values and customs and become socialised individuals.   It builds students self-concept and motivation. Education thrives at teaching students to become all that they are capable of becoming and recognizes that individuality of all children and fosters self-worth.


I believe that all teachers need to be flexible and ready to deal with the unexpected. They need to be consistent, so students can know what to expect from them as a teacher.  Teachers’ need to be patient, creative, honest and persistent to maximize their students learning. 

They need to build caring relationships with students and nurture their growth in different areas. They need to be knowledgeable in different subject areas to maximise learning of their students and they need to be committed to ongoing professional learning as well as current in their professional knowledge.


I also strongly believe that parent and community involvement is critical in the success of students’ education. The community needs to work together , share in decision making and problem solving. This involvement helps create a collaborative, safe and supportive learning environment.

My goal as a teacher is to inspire and challenge students to work hard and achieve more that they think is possible. I want to guide students in becoming caring individuals who contribute positively to society. I want to be an active member in my school community and help build a learning environment with positive interactions, realistic expectations, mutual respect, fair treatment and dignity, fairness and cooperation. I want to encourage students to commit themselves to practices of lifelong learning and help my students achieve their full potential for learning.

I know that I can reach these goals working at Académie Juillet as the Académie offers an environment that is extremely supportive and favourable, not only for the students but the teachers as well.

Mrs. Dagenais

After graduating from UQAM, I became an English teacher for younger students.  Since 1990, I have always wanted to create an environment that is stimulating, educational and safe.  I am very proud to be a teacher and especially to be part of the Académie Juillet's team.  I love what I do and I know that my enthusiasm is contagious.  I love to bring knowledge, dedication and understanding to my classroom.  Every day, I want to make a positive difference in my students' lives.  It is important for me that children learn to work with others as considerate, caring people treating everyone with respect.

As an English second language teacher, I have high expectations for ALL children.  I believe that my students are able to learn and have more successes when they have a desire to learn and try each day with their best effort.  They begin to believe in themselves and their own potential when they say '' I can''.

Children need a developmentally appropriate education.  To achieve this goal, they need an environment that is stimulating and interesting.  I believe that our school is the perfect place to help a child develop his full potential.

Respect, friendship and consideration are important values and are important in my classroom as well as in the world today.

I strongly believe that Académie Juillet is an excellent educational environment to stimulate this love for learning.


''Childhood is not a race but a journey.  Learning is a journey that is for a lifetime.''

Mme Kapnias.jpg

Heraclitus once said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” The same can be said for the teacher and the classroom. Knowledge and education are not static, stagnant concepts—they are in a perpetual state of flux and with good reason: human beings, the societies they form, and the ideas they produce are continuously evolving. Thus, the true test of knowledge is in its application towards creating a happier, more fulfilling and meaningful future for our students, their communities, and the world they will inherit. 

A good teacher is open to discussion, ideas, change and diversity. My personal history has taught me that there is great value in diversity and this is something that I emphasize and demonstrate throughout my teaching practices. As a child, the first friend I ever made taught me my first English words. Both my parents were allophones and spoke only Greek at home. At school, I learned to communicate in French and, in the apartment building we lived in, I heard at least three different languages (other than English and French) spoken daily. None of this seemed strange to me on the contrary, there was a lovely musicality to it. 

As I progressed in my studies, eventually earning a B.A. in English, majoring in Literature and minoring in Drama and Theatre, I gained a deeper understanding of the human condition and my place in it. I later used my education to work in customer service and finance, life itself becoming my classroom. Everything I have learned along the way, as well as a great love of children, led me to pursue a career in education. Throughout my journey to obtain my Bachelors of Education in Early Childhood Education and Elementary from McGill University, my thirst for knowledge and diversity led me to work with the Cree Nation of Wemindji, children from various socio-economic backgrounds, as well as students with intellectual delays, handicaps and/or pervasive developmental challenges. I have had the pleasure of teaching in three languages, watching the spark of curiosity in students turn into a flame of life-long learning. 

I strongly believe that children learn best in a safe, nurturing and diverse environment. The staff, students (and their families) at Académie Juillet work together to build a stimulating, supportive environment that promotes social, emotional and intellectual growth through strong core values. I am proud and delighted to be part of the team!

Alex Bremner
Mrs. Bremner
Mrs. Bremner

Although, I had started teaching dance at age 16 to young dancers, it was my love of travel and learning new languages that inspired me to become a teacher.  I knew first-hand the difficulties and the joys that came from acquiring a second or third language and wanted to help students have the joy of learning a new language.  There is nothing quite as exciting as watching a young student learn or master a new concept or idea. I love to see their faces light up when they realize that they can read and understand it.  Their curiosity and potential is boundless and I love to be there to help guide them.


After completing my first degree in Biology, I went back to university to complete a degree in Education and a certification in English as a Second Language. Since that time, I have taught in both English as a first-language and as a second-language settings.  


My goal is to help develop students to their full potential and to develop a life-long love of learning. I hope to challenge them to always try their best and to go beyond their previous capabilities.  I hope to inspire them to love reading as much as I do and to enjoy learning a new language. 


Académie Juillet has provided me with an opportunity to work with teachers who are concerned with the development of their students and who are supportive of both their colleagues and students.  The respect and hard work of the teachers and staff is a wonderful model for the young minds that we are inspiring to be our future. 

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